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So wish I had discovered these sooner! My 10 week old daughter absolutely loves being in hers, it has given me so much freedom again! She is having far better sleeps in the day in the sling than she was in her Moses basket and pram, is a lot more settled, and is feeding more effectively because of the better quality sleep. I love wearing it, and am so glad I found this company (thanks to Northampton sling library!). I have found it invaluable for family days out, doing the weekly shop, and getting jobs done at home.

Used our wrap for the first time yesterday with our 10 day old. He was nice and snug whilst we watched the local fireworks display. He felt safe and secure and slept soundly. Highly recommend SnugiWraps. Like others have said, I wish I had one of these when my eldest was born!

SnugiWraps Reviews

Seriously starting to think this wrap has magical powers!

Once I’d popped out of the house to the shops, with my 6 week old little boy cooing and smiling in his Snugiwrap and within 2 minutes he was asleep against me, that was testament enough. I have never looked back. My only regret is bothering to buy a pram! Thank you Snugiwraps, your stretchies are incredibly good value and great quality. I’ll be making sure every mum I know gets told about you.

I absolutely love my snugiwrap I wish I had one with my first! My baby is 8 weeks old and people stop me all the time to say how much they love it, and it makes my life so much easier and keeps baby happy. I would 100% recommend it for comfort, ease and closeness.

My snugiwrap arrived yesterday, love it already! I can use it for one of my twins, carry the other and have a hand free!

Received my SnugiWrap the next day after ordering. It’s a miracle!! It settled my 6 week old within minutes and leaves me with two free hands to actually do something useful. Simple to put on, would definitely recommend.

I bought a snugi wrap around 6 weeks ago and my little boy loves it. It’s comfy so easy to wrap around takes seconds and I have two hands free allowing me to go for walks, enjoy snuggle time with my boy or just do my dishes and cooking without the screaming. Would defos recommend.

Really impressed with my snugiwrap. Just used it for the first time to get some jobs done round the house with my 1 week old and he was asleep within minutes. Comfy for me and obviously cosy for him.
We love it!

Received my snugiwrap today and love it! So easy to put on and put baby in (he’s 5 weeks old) delivery was quick and payment was simple through paypal. Will recommend to anyone to has a newborn and a busy toddler who has a better social life than his mother. This makes it so much easier to get out of the house. Thank yoy snugiwrap!

Really quick delivery lovely Quality can’t fault them!

Having hired a sling from my local sling library I decided that I wanted to purchase one, snugiwraps was one of the retailers that was recommended by the sling library. I placed my order and even though the retailer was on holiday the wrap still arrived quickly when they got back. I love my wrap and would recommend snugiwraps to anybody looking to buy a sling.

Amazing !!!! have started using my snugiwrap and I am gutted that I didn’t buy one sooner my 3 month old daughter loves it and I love the fact that I now have my two hands back lol. It feels so secure and I think my daughter feels secure as every time we use it she is asleep within 5 minutes thank you so much for inventing this it’s made my daily chores easier to do

Love mine, hate it when it’s in the wash! Bought a black one but wish I’d gone for a colour now the weather is warmer. Got it to use round the house but have been venturing out now i have more confidence. Would definitely recommend

Both my husband and I use the wrap, love to have our daughter close.

Love love love 🙂 x

Really comfy! Fast delivery and easy to use! Thank you I want more colours to wardrobe match lol x

Just tried my snugiwrap today with my 12 day old daughter. Absolutely brilliant. Doesn’t feel like I’ve got her on me. Brilliant support. I just wish I knew about them for my other two children!

Seriously starting to think this wrap has magical powers!

I actually won my Snugiwraps stretchy wrap but, having used it with my four week old, would happily have paid for it ten times over! Soft, comfortable and great quality, my wrap came preloaded with oodles of sleepy dust and my baby drifts off within minutes of being wrapped leaving me hands-free to play with my toddler or get jobs done. Highly recommended!

We love our stretchy wrap especially when food shopping. Our lg loves interacting with the people we go past and is normally asleep within 10mins, so no dashing about or having leave a trolley full of food as little one not happy. People always comment how happy & snuggly our lg looks too and where did we buy ‘the baby holder’ from! Xx

Isle of Wight Sling Library love snugiwraps stretchy wraps. So pleased to have found a 2 way stretchy at such a great price.

My husband has tried it too and was surprised at how simple it is to wrap and how quickly it calms our baby to be carried in this way.

By far the most popular stretchy wrap in the library – Ali Chedgy, Cariad Babywearing

The first time I wore my daughter in a Stretchy Wrap I cried. Tears of absolute joy and relief

I wore my wrap all day for the first few months and just popped baby in and out as necessary!

When it arrived the package was small enough to fit through the letter box, believe me I never knew how grateful I’d be that parcels fit through a letter box when having a new baby and not having enough arms to answer the door!

Just tried my snugiwrap today with my 12 day old daughter. Absolutely brilliant. Doesn’t feel like I’ve got her on me. Brilliant support. I just wish I knew about them for my other two children!

I love love love my snugiwrap it’s cosy and so comfy my daughter gets to be nosy when we go out walking so she approves xxx

Love our stretchy wrap, so comfortable. When squish is a bit bigger I’ll be back for a buckles. Thank you for the great service.

Since before I was pregnant I was interested in baby wearing and I scoured all the commercial stores for their options. As much as you can’t put a price on your baby’s comfort and safety, I was unsure whether to spend £50 on something that my baby or I couldn’t get on with, especially as maternity pay is such a budget stretcher. I came across Snugiwraps and ordered a stretchy wrap in a beautiful Teal colour and all I can say is I wish I’d found it sooner than 7weeks! My little boy and I love it, we shop, wash dishes and visit friends with it and we both couldn’t be happier. Its simple to get the hang of, weight spreading and we’ve had so many lovely comments from friends and strangers! I highly recommend it to all and love being able to steal kisses whenever I want as hes so close

love my stretchy wrap! sososo soft and supportive x

I bought a stretchy wrap and love it, my son is 6 months now and we are still using in comfortably! Even my hubby uses it! Great service and a great product. Would and have recommended it! And shall be ordering again soon!

Love our stretchy wrap. My son was kept on the nicu for 3 days, as soon as he came down to the ward I popped him in the wrap. He was rushed away from me when he was 4hours old. All the midwives commented on how comfy we looked and were happy to let me wonder the ward .

Soothes my full up baby by giving him the closeness he needs during whilst he’s fighting this cold and means I can get some things done, like have something to eat and have a drink!