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SnugiWraps Stretchy Wraps are ideal from birth to approx 12 months. Made from a combination of Cotton Viscose and Lycra, they have 2-way stretch, which means you’ll get a perfect fit every time with no need for adjustments. 

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Chocolate Stretchy Wrap

SnugiWraps Chocolate brown Stretchy Wrap is a warm shade of brown.


SnugiWraps Chocolate Brown Stretchy Wraps are ideal for newborns and parents who are new to babywearing. They are easy to use with a little practice, wonderfully soft and supportive.

Learning to use a Stretchy Wrap is like learning to tie your shoe laces. It’s difficult at first, but once mastered you can do it with your eyes shut.

Made from 95% Cotton Viscose and 5% Lycra, they have the perfect amount of 2 way stretch to carry your baby from birth to approx 12 months.

SnugiWraps Stretchy Wraps V2 are 4 metres long and 50cm wide. They are un-hemmed to ensure a comfortable fit for baby, with no baggy areas.

What’s so special about 2 way stretch? A wrap with 2 way stretchy allows you to tie the wrap on nice and tight, then pop baby in and out as necessary. A perfect fit every time with no need for adjustments. Many of our competitors only offer 1 way stretch, which you may think is more supportive as it doesn’t stretch as much, but if the wrap doesn’t fit baby perfectly it will soon pull on your shoulders and back. Take the guesswork out of tying to the right tightness, use a wrap with 2 way stretch!

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